Presale Service

Service created to solve questions and guide you through our different products so you can take the best desition according to your needs.
Regarding that, we count with:

  • Direct attention of representatives.
  • Speccialists
  • Demonstrations
  • Presentations

We are here to attend your questioins, contact us.

After Sale Service

At AMILAB we provide our own thecnical service with suitable professionals and in constant training, to satisfy our clients needs of service and laboratory technical support in field or in their dependencies We have a vast experience in configurations, maintenance, and reparation of the equipment with we work on, providing an integral service, our disposition is focused on providing a friendly answer on time to solve the different needs our clients may have. We offer different mantainance plans: a) Preventive mantainance b) Repair mantainance c) Schedduled mantainance contracts.